Will digital marketing be automated?

Digital marketing in the current future will be fully automated. From now on, a wide spectrum of companies are presented with sales automation, marketing automation tools to make things more convenient for salespeople. These programs are the substitute for the human brain. Digital marketing is all about obtaining, organizing and analyzing customer data, and much of this work can be done through automation.

With automation technology, marketers can use MarTech solutions to analyze data and segment customers and prospects into their appropriate groups. This helps marketers create targeted, data-driven campaigns. Digital advertising has evolved exponentially thanks to AI and machine learning. These technologies have given way to automation, replacing the old manual methods with unparalleled speed.

Today, AI can automate many marketing tasks. The power of automation may not replace creative professions such as artists, writers, marketers, inventors, and others. However, it would replace jobs in the service, warehouse and retail industries. Robots are now used to replace humans with repetitive and mundane tasks.

Organizations adapt quickly to automating their business, as it produces more results in a short period of time. Some companies that are market leaders in creating automation tools such as Oracle, Salesforce, Marketo and Hubspot. So, should we fear that AI will take over digital marketing jobs, or should we adopt and include it to improve productivity and create successful marketing campaigns? Digital marketing consultant Shane Barker also believes that AI is changing the future of digital marketing by delivering better customer experiences. So, regardless of whether automation “takes over a particular job or skill set”, the best digital marketers make lifelong learning and training a priority.

The cutting edge of marketing automation is always changing as more advanced technology becomes available. While the future of marketing automation technology is always evolving and advancing, many companies are still playing catch-up to today's standards by continuing to look for additional software to add to their technology stack. Jen Murray, senior manager of nutrition at customer engagement platform Emarsys, says that no matter how much space AI may be taking up in the world of digital marketing, there will still be room for human marketers. HubSpot summarized an employment study on the likelihood of AI work automation in marketing and other industries.

According to digital marketing influencer Richa Pathak, all digital marketing operations are now affected by AI-powered tools. With automation taking over, it's harder to hire people with digital marketing skills because people just don't get training at traditional universities. Creative writing, art, design and marketing strategy are things that are best left to human hands because they require human creativity and intellectual capacity for critical thinking that cannot be automated. Marketing professions use tools and software to automate processes that take up most of their time.

However, using AI to automate methodical marketing actions can help you free up time and focus on improving your digital presence and planning future campaigns. Creating workflows is another crucial part of marketing automation that helps in many different aspects of your digital marketing, from lead creation to customer retention. He believes that automation will change the way marketers work and allow them to focus more on creativity and strategy. Given the existing technology, digital marketing is increasingly being automated, but full automation for this sector is not in the near future.


Robert Bogenschutz
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