Will AI replace digital marketers?

At the moment, AI cannot completely replace digital marketing jobs. In fact, AI's presence in the marketing department has created more jobs than it used to create. AI produces new skills to master and new positions to fill. For example, companies would have to hire people to write code for AI or people who can maintain AI machines.

Today, AI can automate many marketing tasks. Artificial intelligence (AI) is making a lot of waves in the digital marketing space. Companies testing AI-powered ads are seeing significant increases in conversions, along with equally significant cost reductions, as the cost of running successful ads also reduces cost-per-acquisition. With the help of machine learning, evidence and mathematical algorithms, digital marketers can collect data and use it as predictive models.

Digital marketing is one of the professions that is fully automated and adapts quickly to technological advancement. Each and every company is looking for high-performing digital marketing assets to make money, build brand value, and manage their customers more efficiently. The name itself represents the emerging market and the digital revolution it has already brought to the world. As you can see from the graph above, the short answer is no; AI will not replace people in digital marketing anytime soon.

As mentioned earlier, AI is not going to replace digital marketers compared to other industries. Only 6% of digital marketing agencies said that replacing human work is their top priority for applying AI in their agency. Whether it's virtual assistants, predictive customer segmentation, or intelligent design for personalized customer experiences, AI is the future of digital marketing next year. But does this mean that our digital marketing teams will be replaced by AI? Who better to ask than almost 1,400 business leaders at the World Economic Forum? The digital elves were called to help Kohl's get out of last holiday season to set up a test with Google, they added more artificial intelligence to their digital ad purchase.

It is also safe to say that the digital marketing industry is constantly evolving and that new technologies are emerging every day. Every day that new competitors enter the market, companies can't wait any longer to execute digital marketing campaigns. Integrating AI and a digital marketing consultancy into your team's environment can free up your time and open it up to new opportunities. Yes, machines are smart and intelligent, but humans created the machine and can use the tools and software available to improve digital marketing campaigns.

Robert Bogenschutz
Robert Bogenschutz

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