Is digital marketing a good race for the future?

According to Linkedin, the industry grows every year, pays a living wage and has the highest number of vacancies. Companies Need Digital Marketers: Every Company Needs Digital Marketers to Attract and Retain Customers. digital marketing is the future, and it's bright and has a lot to do. The next trends will consist of more personalized marketing, which has already come a good distance.

As social media strategist Zack Shore says, “Stores that sell umbrellas can target consumers outside their home if it rains. Digital marketing is a career that gives you exposure to so many new skills and things on a daily basis. Unlike other professional options such as coding or infrastructure engineering, where the learning curve for each new skill is steep, digital marketing is not rocket science. Overall, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 10 percent growth in employment for all marketing careers, including digital marketing, over the next decade.

Considering that the average growth of all occupations is 5 percent, it's safe to say that marketing has good prospects. Marketing emails are sent to customer and prospect lists to drive business and publicize products and services. This imbalance between demand and supply has created an enormous opportunity for those who want to enter the digital marketing industry. As the industry is becoming an extended arm of each company's marketing division, there will be an increase in demand for digital marketing professionals, leading to better salaries.

As a digital marketing professional, Marketing Land will offer you valuable insights into the digital marketing industry, which will help you outperform the competition. Email marketing is one of the cheapest forms of marketing where you can send a large volume of emails to customers or potential customers. There is a wide range of digital marketing jobs, which means there are a wide variety of career options. A successful digital marketer will possess a wide range of skills designed to connect with customers who want to know more about a given product or service and have a strong positive influence on them.

Please note: While the traditional advertising budget has fallen dramatically, digital marketing spending has grown by double digits over the past eight years (see chart below for more information). A digital marketing career isn't necessarily the dream job that most people aspire to while they're in school. It means that companies are changing their marketing spending, and marketing budgets allocated to radio, television and newspapers are now being spent on digital marketing media. As digitization continues at a rapid pace, employers globally are looking for skilled employees who can fill skills gaps in their organizations and drive business objectives such as leads, revenue and brand awareness.

Anyone thinking of starting or running a business needs to have a basic knowledge of digital marketing in order to convert customers. While traditional marketing still has its place in the world, digital marketing is quickly taking over thanks to affordability and analytics. However, while specializing can be a good thing, it's important to master several aspects of digital marketing. Understanding how the industry works and getting the right exposure online is the least it takes to start your path to becoming a digital marketing professional.


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